Covid signage helped Mirvac create a sense of safety among employees

Covid signage helped Mirvac create a sense of safety among employees

Mirvac’s National Operations Manager, Jane Tisch worked with Covid Safe Signage and its sister company Wallflower Images to create branded COVID-19 posters for Mirvac’s offices. In the following interview, she shares her thoughts on employees coming back to the workplace, the process of signage creation, and the future of the Australian workplace.


Q: What was the reaction by staff to returning to the office?

Jane Tisch: Since we re-opened, we have seen our staff very glad to come into the office – meet in person, chat over a coffee and give the spouse or flatmate a break. Currently, our daily average attendance ranges from 240-280 people. From the outset, our staff have told us they have felt safe in the office which has been a win.

Q: Was Covid signage an important part of this process?

Jane Tisch: COVID-19 signage has been an enormous part of this process! Although it was a stipulated requirement by government bodies, it was an opportunity to communicate vital messages and provide reassurance that steps had been taken to keep staff safe and clarify what they needed to do.

Q: How did you choose the right Covid signage for what you needed?

Jane Tisch: We worked with Wallflower Images [who, with Covid Safe Signage, now also have a dedicated business for the task] to ensure we met the stipulated requirements but with a tone and polish that our staff would recognise and engage with. We considered our space, how we wanted to use it and what messages would need to be provided and where.

Q: Did employees respond positively to the signage installed in the office?

Jane Tisch: They certainly have!  We have received compliments about our signage with enquiries about where we sourced it.  But we have also not needed to say too much else, so we must’ve met the mark.

Q: What do you think the future of office space for companies looks like?

Jane Tisch: The big shift will be to more flexible team and collaborative space so when we can bring people together to innovate and learn from each other, the environment is more dynamic and can respond to the needs of a hybrid workforce.

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