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Product Description

Cascade is a zig-zag design with segmented colour blocks of neon green, blue, grey and red. Gillian was born in North Yorkshire, UK with a Fine Art degree from Newcastle University, UK, having studied textile design. Richard Hamilton, pop artist, tutored first year. I have had various forays into fabric design including hand-painting fabric. From painted fabric I started to make soft jewellery, which eventually led me to designing beadwork. Beadwork is a local skill here in South Africa, and the combination of my designs and beading has proved a winning formula. The beadwork continues, but my designs have subsequently lent themselves to other forms of surface design such as wallpaper and textiles. My inspiration comes from anything and everything in the world around me. From the angles, details, perspective and structure of architecture to the tiniest hint of an idea, which develops and changes as I work on it. My approach is to abstract what I see!

Under license to Robin Sprong @RSWallpaper

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