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Product Description

Lisa Swanepoel trained as a Fine Artist and Textile Designer. Lisa’s work always shows her passion for vibrant colour and detailed decorative pattern, which is evident in her Hexagons And Geometric Blocks ranges. Her career began a as print designer and window installation conceptualiser, she was also the creator of high-end kids clothing.

Through these experiences she was directed into large scale installation artworks using a variety of material. Some of the materials she experimented with resulted in LED backlit multi coloured Perspex, 3-D relief works created from Pantone cards and vinyl, 3-D enamel painted mirror artworks, as well as, woven coloured card creating abstract and irregular frame installations, enamel painted tiles for splash backs, large-scale typographic signs, which made use of multiple layers of foam board, created out of colourful vinyl and thousands of map pins…to name a few.

Wallpaper and textile design has always been her first love and remembers as a young child being fascinated and inspired to create her own versions in her spare time.

Under license to Robin Sprong @RSWallpaper

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