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Product Description

Blandat was founded in 2013 by the Dutch designer Debby van der Veer, a graduate of the KABK Art Academy in The Netherlands.

BLANDAT is the swedish word that is used to describe a mix of material, colour and technique. It represents the essence that typifies the brand, particularly being hand drawn illustrations with an always visible pencil, combined with many textures brought together which result in prints inpired by Africa.

Blandat currently produces a range of illustrated scarfs and a small range of fabrics. “Le chique d’ afrique” collection has the nice and nasty brought together, in structures and visuals. The collection makes combinations of organic stuctures with man made items that display luxury and wealth. Prints can be big and overwhelming, creating a world wherein one is inspired, confronted and encouraged to be creative. Colours are sometimes found to be wild and clashing. Blandat’s geometric prints are combinations of triangles & blocks with multiple different structures that play with one’s eye in the most strange, yet familiar ways.

Under license to Robin Sprong @RSWallpaper

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